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Irish Life Claims

Irish Life recently released their protection review for 2019 which confirmed that over €6 million (150 claims) was paid out EVERY WEEK in claim payments to their clients. That is almost 8,000 families during 2019 receiving protection at a very difficult time. Interestingly, with over twice as many claims for living benefits, this reports shows…
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Eolas Money on the Home Show

Brendan on Newstalk

Thank you to Sinead Ryan and Newstalk for inviting our very own Brendan to speak about the NHSS (Fair Deal Scheme) on the Home Show this morning. At Eolas Money, a key part of our financial planning work involves helping our clients prepare and plan for older age, and with the issue of nursing homes…
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Inheritance Tax

€466 Million of Inheritance tax was paid to the Revenue Commissioners in 2019 by just over 15,000 people with the average payment amounting to €31,000! Having open conversations with your children and expressing your wishes and goals will also ensure that your family are all on the same page, which can help reduce potential conflicts…
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Financial impact of Covid 19

Tax and the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

While recipients receive this payment gross (without the deduction of income tax), this is a taxable payment. So how/when will you pay the tax owed on this payment. At the end of the year, Revenue will send you a preliminary end-of-year statement, outlining what Revenue understands your income to have been during 2020 from all…
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Personal Financial Impact of Covid 19

AON’s Employee Mindset Study

In AON’s recent Employee Mindset Study 2020, research found “that 80% of employees experiencing financial difficulty state that it impacts negatively on their stress levels and mental health”. But this cannot be a surprise in the current climate with Ireland’s temporary unemployment rate being one of its highest ever. As a reminder, Eolas Money was…
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Catching up with Clients

We have enjoyed a busy few days catching up with our clients online. While our phones are charged and turned on, these online meetings provide great client reassurance as we can update their financial plans, discuss new financial goals and see how any changes will impact on their future financial journey through the use of…
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Financial impact of serious illness

What if I get a serious illness?

We were asked the following question recently by a client in his mid 40’s – “what are the chances of me getting a serious illness versus dieing”. Well the attached info graphic explains the answer very well for him. A male is 4 times more likely to suffer a serious illness before the age of…
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Mortgage Payment Break

For anyone who may have applied to your mortgage provider for a mortgage payment break, it appears that most banks are not planning to extend the moratorium beyond 6 months according to RTE. If you need some help in reviewing or organising your finances in the meantime, Eolas Money are here and happy to help.…
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Moving webinars online

Jim was working from home today and had the pleasure of his little man Paddy joining him for two webinars (well for bits anyway).. Well done to both the Society of Financial Planners Ireland (SFPI) for their webinar on video conferencing platforms & to Mercer Ireland for their webinar on #FinancialWellbeing in Ireland..

What is Financial Wellbeing?

In all our financial wellbeing seminars and in the work we undertake for our clients, we discuss the importance of achieving a sense of financial wellbeing. So what is Financial Wellbeing? In our view, it’s a financial position where you and your family: Can fully meet your current financial obligations, Can feel secure in your…
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