Financial Planning

Helping you on Life's Financial Journey

Financial Planning With Cashflow Modelling
Have you goals you want to achieve, and life experiences you want to have, that you need expert help planning for?

Are you too busy with work, family and everyday life to keep on top of your personal finances?

Would you like to have a roadmap for your financial future, and a co-driver to accompany you on the journey?

Financial Planning with cashflow modelling allows Eolas Money to assess your current and forecasted financial futures by taking into consideration all your household incomes and expenditures to create a detailed forecast of your household’s finances now and in the future.

Most households are unsure about how far their existing financial planning arrangements will go towards their desired financial objectives and lifestyles. Therefore, a cashflow model is based on your households’ incomes and expenditures, assets, investments and debts, projected forward year by year using assumed growth rates, incomes, inflation, and interest rates.

Lifetime cashflow modelling is aimed at individuals who wish to become, and remain, financially well organised and secure into the future, determine lifetime goals and create a plan to achieve these goals taking all aspects of their personal finances into consideration.

Financial Planning with Cashflow Modelling will enable you to:

  • Produce a clear and detailed summary of your financial arrangements
  • Produce an analysis of your household monthly and annual expenditures, balancing your cash inflows and desired cash outflows
  • Work towards achieving and maintaining financial security for your household,
  • Estimate future cashflows based on realistic assumptions aligned to your risk tolerance,
  • Cashflow modelling allows you to plan for your retirement with confidence throughout the various stages of post working life,