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Purchasing Property through your Pension

Self-administered pensions allow pension investors to purchase properties via their pensions. Properties held fall under the categories of residential, commercial, industrial, or may be a combination of each of these held within syndicated pension funds. Is it appropriate for everyone, No. Are their restrictions, Yes. Is it complex, Just a little. Are their significant tax…
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Employers, Be Prepared for Pension Auto Enrolment

BUSINESS OWNERS: Would you like to know more about the proposed auto enrolment scheme and how this may impact your business and employees?Register via the below link for our auto enrolment webinar hosted by Jim Stapleton CFP®, Head of Organisational Financial Planning here at Eolas Money. This webinar will provide business owners, HR & Finance Managers with…
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Employers, Be Prepared as Pension Auto Enrolment is Coming!

 At the National Pensions Summit last February, Minister for Social Protection Heather Humphreys outlined the planned introduction of pension auto enrolment to be effective from 01st January 2025 and we now outline some key takeaways of Auto enrolment. Currently, only about 35% of the private sector workforce actively contribute to a supplementary pension scheme, and…
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Mortgage Interest Tax Credit

Finance Bill 2023 introduced a temporary one-year Mortgage Interest Tax Credit to help those who experienced huge increases in their mortgage interest bills during 2023 as a result of the series of interest rate rises from July 2022 on. We have attached a video to a short video from Brendan setting out the details on how this relief operates.

State Pension Image

Changes to the State Pension

For some the State Pension, of approximately €14,500 per annum will be an important source of income in retirement. However, significant changes in when the State Pension can be claimed apply from 1st January 2024, and from 1st January 2025 the way in which a new State Pension entitlement is calculated will be changed. So,…
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Budget 2024 Summary

Find attached our Budget 2024 Summary highlighting some of the relevant announcements made on 10th October.

Understanding Recent Changes to PRSAs: Significant Benefits for Business Owners As We Approach Company Year End’s

With effect from 1st January 2023, significant changes have taken place in the realm of pension planning and specifically with Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs). These updates have had a significantly positive impact for business owners ushering in new possibilities for increased pension contributions and most importantly, full corporation tax relief.    From 1st January…
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We Are Hiring

We are recruiting an apprentice to join our team in 2023 and to commence The Insurance Institute of Ireland (III) Apprenticeship Programme. If you would like to join the Apprenticeship programme within Eolas Money, we would love to hear from you!Details of the apprenticeship are outlined below, or to apply, please email Julie Kennedy at…
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Business Owners: Make sure your business protects You, Your Family & Itself

Most businesses will prioritize its insurance policies as an important step to protect the business against potential financial risks and liabilities. Business insurance provides peace of mind, minimize financial loss, meets legal requirements, and improves business credibility. However, while business continuity will always be a top priority, Eolas Money’s Jim Stapleton outlines the various personal…
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Your Goals, Dreams & Aspirations-Why use Cashflow Modelling

When providing financial planning support to our clients, we do so to help create a sense of financial wellbeing which we describe as being able to: Fully meet Your current financial obligations, Feel secure in Your ability to meet Your future financial obligations, Have peace of mind when it comes to the “What Ifs” life…
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