Financial Wellbeing

Helping you on Life's Financial Journey

One of our on-site Seminars

At Eolas Money, we passionately believe in helping all our clients work towards achieving Financial Wellbeing. So, what is Financial Wellbeing?

In our view, it’s a financial position where you and your family:

  • Can fully meet your current financial obligations,
  • Can feel secure in your ability to meet your future financial obligations,
  • Can have peace of mind when it comes to the “What Ifs” life brings you,
  • Can have the ability to make financial choices that allow you to enjoy your life.

Like physical and mental wellbeing, the personal financial wellbeing of employees should be a critical part of any wellbeing programme an employer chooses to run. After all, employees may be experiencing stress over a range of personal financial issues and the accompanying financial stress can hugely impact employee engagement, productivity, absenteeism, and health related costs. The best wellbeing programmes therefore will always include topics designed to improve employee’s financial literacy and knowledge.

In our work with an enormous range of public and private sector employers over the past 11 years, both large and small, we have learned a huge amount about what works best for employee and employer alike, and how to make sure any financial wellbeing programme you choose to deliver is a success. This is especially important given the extraordinary changes we have seen in working patterns and trends over the past year due to Covid 19. As a result, our Financial Wellbeing programmes offer:

• An initial conversation to evaluate and determine employer and employee requirements,

• Customization of all of our seminars/webinars in conjunction with company decision makers,

• Pre-event communication content to assist with promoting the program and engaging employees,

• Post-event feedback for employers,

Crucially, apart from just offering seminars and webinars, we also offer individual 1:1 clinics for employees to allow employees to raise personal queries and obtain professional guidance and expertise in a private and confidential manner. Indeed, in our experience it is those employers who facilitate these 1:1 clinics who get the best engagement from their employees in any financial wellbeing programmes. Best of all, as so many of us adjust to remote working, as is the case for all of our seminars, these can be delivered seamlessly online.

Seminar/Webinar Topics

As we recognise that employers in different sectors may have very different workforces, we offer employers any of the following topics for our seminars and webinars. As these are generally 40 minutes in duration, we recommend that employers book them as 1 hour slots to allow plenty of time for participant Q&A. Please note that where onsite delivery is required, bookings are only available as a half day or full day.

COVID UPDATE: All our seminars are now available as Webinars

Jim Delivering an online seminar

1:1 Clinics

1:1 Clinic

Our 1:1 employee Clinics can be organised in conjunction with any of our seminars or webinars or instead on a standalone basis. Ideally, for maximum engagement, we recommend employers facilitate 1:1 clinics only after the delivery of the initial seminar or webinar. As outlined, these clinics provide your employees with the opportunity to discuss their personal finance queries through confidential 1:1 meetings during working hours, with the agenda set by the employee and their personal queries answered by experienced Certified Financial Planners®. In our experience, 30 minute slots are generally more than adequate for employees to raise and get guidance on their specific query, so over the course of a half-day we can accommodate up to 8 of these 1:1 clinics or 15 over a full-day.  


Our rates for the delivery of our various Financial Wellbeing programmes, (seminars, webinars, 1:1 clinics or a mix of all), are as follows:

Full Day onsite:                    €1,250 plus VAT

Full Day remote:                   €900 plus VAT

Half Day onsite:                    €750 plus VAT

Half Day remote:                  €500 plus VAT

Webinar (1 hour):                 €300 plus VAT