Banking & Budgeting

How Do I Benefit From a Banking & Budgeting Review? How do you know how to get there unless you know where you are starting from?

Your Banking & Budgeting Review is designed:

  • To provide you with an accurate picture of where your money actually goes by itemising and separating each area of your expenditure, thereby identifying any areas where improvements can be made
  • To provide you with an insight into the monthly surpluses or shortfalls that exist after everything is taken into account, thereby illustrating what funds are available for re-diversion towards your financial objectives
  • To provide you with a blueprint for the management of your money going forward, designed to help you maximise your income and to ensure that your money is helping you achieve your financial objectives

Following completion of your Banking & Budgeting Review, you will have:

  • Identified where your money actually goes each month and year.
  • Identified where savings and inefficiencies can be made with a view to getting more from your money
  • An evidence based Banking & Budgeting structure going forward, designed to help you maximise your financial potential and to ensure that any surpluses, as they arise, are put to good use,

Fee for a Banking & Budgeting Review:

To avail of a Banking & Budgeting Review, Eolas Money applies a fee commencing from €700 plus VAT which facilitates:

  • Discussing your current approach to your Banking and Budgeting
  • Identifying the changes you need to make to improve this are of your personal finances
  • Preparing your Banking and Budgeting report and proposed new Banking & Budgeting structure for you
  • Presenting your Banking and Budgeting report and structure to you

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