The Eolas Money Spending Plan

The Eolas Money Spending Plan

Financial Planning is about aligning your finances to your objectives. To do that properly, your starting point is to understand the way you spend money at present and what it takes to maintain your current lifestyle.   

To see what the spending picture looks like for you, please do the following:

  1. Complete the Monthly Income tab with your regular monthly incomes, 
  2. Complete the Monthly Spending tab with your regular monthly expenses – these are the expenses that arise within your household every month.
  3. Complete the Annual Spending tab with Annual Expenses, which are the expenses that arise over the course of the year, but are not incurred every month. 
  4. Click on the Spending Overview tab which will show you if you have a monthly Surplus or Deficit in your spending!
  5. The Overview Chart depicts the areas that you spend the most of your monthly income on. 

If you have a deficit, then work will be needed to reduce spending or increase income. If you have a surplus, fantastic, now it’s about deciding how best to use that surplus to help you achieve your financial goals.

If you want help understanding what to do next when you have completed your spending plan, or with implementing a banking structure that matches your spending, please contact us. To download a copy of the Eolas Money Spending Plan, you can download it below.