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The Value of Financial Advice

In May 2021, Brokers Ireland commissioned iReach to conduct consumer research in relation to the value of financial advice. The research was nationally representative by age, gender, region, and socioeconomic status. It provides insights into savings/ investments, pensions, financial security, and the role of financial advisors. Using a Financial Advisor:  From those surveyed, 37% had…
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Be Will Wise

6 out of every 10 adults in Ireland have no will according a recent survey by Coyne Research. This is despite the fact that three quarters of those surveyed say its important to have a will!This 90 second animated video takes a look at five reasons why people might write their will. If Eolas money…
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Mortgage Protection and Inheritance Tax for Cohabiting Couples

According to the 2016 census, there are over 152,000 cohabiting couples living in Ireland¹. As you know, even though a cohabiting couple live together, may own a property together and possibly have children together, in the eyes of Revenue they are treated as ‘strangers’ when it comes to inheritance tax. With a current inheritance tax…
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