AON’s Employee Mindset Study

Helping you on Life's Financial Journey

AON’s Employee Mindset Study

Personal Financial Impact of Covid 19

In AON’s recent Employee Mindset Study 2020, research found “that 80% of employees experiencing financial difficulty state that it impacts negatively on their stress levels and mental health”. But this cannot be a surprise in the current climate with Ireland’s temporary unemployment rate being one of its highest ever.

As a reminder, Eolas Money was established in 2009 as a Financial Planning and Financial Wellbeing practice, with 2 key objectives:(a) To help our financial planning clients navigate their financial journey through life, and(b) To enhance the financial wellbeing of all of our clients,

Eolas Money is here to help you and if you are feeling stressed or anxious because of your finances, just get in contact and we’ll see how we can help you.