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Mortgage Planning

Fall in Mortgage Approvals

The Irish Independent is reporting a large drop in mortgage approvals. “Our strong message to would-be borrowers, whose income and employment circumstances have not been impacted by the current pandemic, and who meet normal lending criteria, is to actively proceed with their applications”. Normal mortgage lending rates was always going to be down during as…
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Workers may face big tax bill

It has been well flagged that government reliefs are taxable benefits and that the tax would be collected at a later date. While it has taken some time for Revenue to work out how they are going to collect the taxes due on these payments, it is likely that all repayments will be done over…
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Financial impact of Covid 19

Tax and the Pandemic Unemployment Payment

While recipients receive this payment gross (without the deduction of income tax), this is a taxable payment. So how/when will you pay the tax owed on this payment. At the end of the year, Revenue will send you a preliminary end-of-year statement, outlining what Revenue understands your income to have been during 2020 from all…
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Personal Financial Impact of Covid 19

AON’s Employee Mindset Study

In AON’s recent Employee Mindset Study 2020, research found “that 80% of employees experiencing financial difficulty state that it impacts negatively on their stress levels and mental health”. But this cannot be a surprise in the current climate with Ireland’s temporary unemployment rate being one of its highest ever. As a reminder, Eolas Money was…
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Catching up with Clients

We have enjoyed a busy few days catching up with our clients online. While our phones are charged and turned on, these online meetings provide great client reassurance as we can update their financial plans, discuss new financial goals and see how any changes will impact on their future financial journey through the use of…
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Moving webinars online

Jim was working from home today and had the pleasure of his little man Paddy joining him for two webinars (well for bits anyway).. Well done to both the Society of Financial Planners Ireland (SFPI) for their webinar on video conferencing platforms & to Mercer Ireland for their webinar on #FinancialWellbeing in Ireland..

Financial Wellbeing in Covid

Covid and Mortgages

It really is an unknown at the moment as to how the banks will deal with mortgage applicants impacted by the effects of the Corona virus. However, some good points mentioned here by Dominic Coyle at The Irish Times If you are worried or have any queries regarding your own personal finances, don’t hesitate to…
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We are still working for you.

Your financial wellbeing is now more important than ever as the effects of this global pandemic sink in. It has been a busy few days for us as we have conducted client meetings via Skype & Zoom etc. It has been a new way of engaging with our existing clients and a different way of…
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Pandemic Unemployment Payment

For those impacted by Covid-19, the attached is a link to the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection in order to register for COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment. This is an emergency benefit paid by the Department to all employees and the self-employed who have lost employment due to a downturn in economic activity caused…
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Financial impact of Covid 19

Keep Calm & Call Eolas Money

Call Eolas Money before you do anything rash financially! These are extraordinary times, and market corrections like this only come around once a decade or so. If you are worried about your finances, looking for some reassurance, or just need to understand the current financial situation a little better, just call us. We’d ask you…
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