Redundancy – Taxation & Other Considerations

The prospect of redundancy can be an upsetting time for impacted employee and redundancies are different for everyone, unique to each impacted employees circumstances. In order to provide help & reassurance to impacted employees, this webinar / seminar will provide practical guidance for Irish based employees affected by a redundancy notification. Topics covered will include:

  • Statutory Redundancy,
  • Taxation of Termination Payments,
    • Basic Exemption
    • Increased Exemption
    • Standard Capital Superannuation Benefit (SCSB)
  • Your Pension Options,
  • Impact on Employee Benefits,
  • Obtaining Independent Financial & Legal Advice,
  • Social Welfare Entitlements,
  • Q&A

Eolas Money can also facilitate Redundancy Consultations on a 1:1 basis if required.