Connecting Employees & their Pensions

Connecting Employees & their Pensions

Eolas Money are delighted to provide our SME clients with a digitalised pension platform allowing their employees access to real time information on their pension plan via their mobile app, tablet or laptop. 

Key Features of our digital Pensions platform allows members to:

  • Immediately view their personalised pensions account via their mobile app, tablet or laptop.
  • Ability to request contribution changes (increases or reductions) and fund switches online with no paperwork needed.
  • Allows you to take more ownership of your retirement needs and ensure you are proactive about planning for your future.
  • Access to all correspondence regarding your pension scheme as it is stored on the members personal profile along with helpful scheme literature,
  • Contact the online administration team with any queries, 
  • The interactive platform allows members to better understand their pension and retirement planning position with the help of Eolas Money's guidance. 

Enabling employees to be more engaged with their pension planning via digital technologies has proven to help employees be more engaged with their pension scheme and retirement planning.

If you are looking to review or introduce your company pension scheme, contact Eolas Money and we will be happy to discuss how we help our SME client or download our SME-Benefits-Brochure.