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What size is your pension pot?

Some scary statistics from Irish Life in this recent article! The average pension fund size at retirement for their pensioners is just €58,000. The pensions were so small that 60% of retirees were able to take the entire amount as a once-off tax-free lump sum, leaving nothing in their pensions to provide a regular income…
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ARF v Annuity

The ARF v Annuity discussion is one we have many times with clients and impending retirees. Firstly, it is important for you to understand the merits & flaws of both retirement options and then match your long term retirement and legacy plans best to each product. The most complex part of retirement planning is the…
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Retirement Planning

One of the key benefits of saving for your retirement is the tax treatment of pension returns compared to other investments. See below: Investment Funds = Exit tax 41% Deposits = DIRT 33% Equities = CGT 33% Rental Income = Income Tax 20% or 40% plus PRSI & USC Pensions = Tax free Returns So…
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