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Employers, Be Prepared for Pension Auto Enrolment

BUSINESS OWNERS: Would you like to know more about the proposed auto enrolment scheme and how this may impact your business and employees?Register via the below link for our auto enrolment webinar hosted by Jim Stapleton CFP®, Head of Organisational Financial Planning here at Eolas Money. This webinar will provide business owners, HR & Finance Managers with…
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Understanding Recent Changes to PRSAs: Significant Benefits for Business Owners As We Approach Company Year End’s

With effect from 1st January 2023, significant changes have taken place in the realm of pension planning and specifically with Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs). These updates have had a significantly positive impact for business owners ushering in new possibilities for increased pension contributions and most importantly, full corporation tax relief.    From 1st January…
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Succession Planning for Business Owners

It is inevitable but at a certain time in a business’s lifecycle and as people approach a certain age, the business and the business owners must begin to plan for their exit from the business. Organising a successful exit from your business is a process, and one that needs to be planned carefully, whether you…
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An update for our SME clients and for those with responsibility for running your company’s pension scheme about the introduction of new EU legislation – IORPS II – and the impact that this new legislation will have on the future governance and management of defined contribution pension schemes..  If you are looking for information on…
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