Helping you on Life's Financial Journey

What to do with your mortgage?

3 topics covered in the personal finance section of the Irish Independent today. Mortgages: Should you be your banks ideal customer and over pay each month if you can get a better interest rate someplace else!! No way.. Life Assurance: Sufficient cover should be in place to maintain the same standard of living within the…
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Goal Based Financial Planning

Goal based financial planning provides our clients with a greater sense of financial clarity, peace of mind and control over their financial futures. If you want to see how goal based financial planning can help you, contact Eolas Money and we will be happy to show you. 052 612 9696 or

Life assurance companies publish their claim statistics

Its that time of year when life assurance companies publish their claim statistics and here are some interesting details from Zurich Life’s 2019 death & serious illness cover claim statistics. In relation to serious illness claims, heart related illnesses account for 31% of male claims and yet for females, it was only 3%. At Zurich,…
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Retirement Planning

One of the key benefits of saving for your retirement is the tax treatment of pension returns compared to other investments. See below: Investment Funds = Exit tax 41% Deposits = DIRT 33% Equities = CGT 33% Rental Income = Income Tax 20% or 40% plus PRSI & USC Pensions = Tax free Returns So…
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Financial Wellbeing Service in ESB

It was a pleasure to meet with Cork & Kerry staff of ESB Networks over 2 days and deliver Financial Wellbeing initiatives as part of their in service training days. 1:2:1 employee clinics are always very well received as staff get the opportunity to discuss personal topics within these confidential clinics. If you are contemplating…
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Personal Savings

Are you doing enough to support your employees in their future financial wellness?

“To retire with a private pension of €19,500 a year – which is half the average industrial wage – at at age 68, you need to save a fund of €463,900. The cost of saving to get to the same final amount almost doubles every 10 years you delay saving” Employers – Are you doing…
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Thank you to all the staff from the Health Products Regulatory Authority

Thank you to all the staff from the Health Products Regulatory Authority & other employers who attended our various Financial Wellbeing seminars this week. Jim & Brendan had the pleasure of speaking to over 200 employees who are keen to improve their financial wellbeing during 2020 so let’s hope they listened

Improving Personal Wellbeing Conference

A big thank you to Dr. Niall Moyna, Carrie Budds and our own Jim Stapleton for their excellent presentations at our inaugural “Improving Personal Wellbeing Conference” last week in the Clonmel Park Hotel. The conference covered Digital, Physical and Financial Wellbeing & to say the contributions were “thought provoking” would be an understatement! A great…
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Free Personal Wellbeing conference

A reminder of our FREE Personal Wellbeing conference next Thursday 16th Jan in the Clonmel Park Hotel We are nearly at full capacity but some tickets remain. To attend, you need to register via Eventbrite and book your tickets. Our speakers – Dr. Niall Moyna, Carrie Budds and Jim Stapleton – will discuss various wellbeing…
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PAYE modernisation

As a consequence of PAYE modernisation, employees and directors will no longer receive a P60 for 2019 and onwards. Instead an Employment Detail Summary is available for employees to view and download via their Revenue myAccount service. This summary replaces the P60 and shows pay and statutory deductions for the year as reported by employers…
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