What if I get a serious illness?

What if I get a serious illness?

Financial impact of serious illness

We were asked the following question recently by a client in his mid 40’s – “what are the chances of me getting a serious illness versus dieing”. Well the attached info graphic explains the answer very well for him.

A male is 4 times more likely to suffer a serious illness before the age of 50, than he is to die!

Did you know that Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke accounted for over 80% of all serious illness claim in 2019 for one Irish insurer.

Do you know if you are insured against these illnesses? If you haven’t looked at your protection planning, we consider not doing so to be foolish! We are happy to discuss your options with you so call us on 052 6129696 or email to queries@eolasmoney.ie and we will respond quickly.