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Succession Planning for Business Owners

It is inevitable but at a certain time in a business’s lifecycle and as people approach a certain age, the business and the business owners must begin to plan for their exit from the business. Organising a successful exit from your business is a process, and one that needs to be planned carefully, whether you…
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State Pension Age stays at age 66

As had already been announced by Government, legislation was passed to keep the State Pension age at 66. There is now no provisions in legislation to trigger a future increase of the State Pension age to 67 from 01/01/2021 and to 68 from 01/01/2028.   New legislation will need to be passed if the State…
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Eolas Money on the Home Show

Brendan on Newstalk

Thank you to Sinead Ryan and Newstalk for inviting our very own Brendan to speak about the NHSS (Fair Deal Scheme) on the Home Show this morning. At Eolas Money, a key part of our financial planning work involves helping our clients prepare and plan for older age, and with the issue of nursing homes…
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Retirement Planning

One of the key benefits of saving for your retirement is the tax treatment of pension returns compared to other investments. See below: Investment Funds = Exit tax 41% Deposits = DIRT 33% Equities = CGT 33% Rental Income = Income Tax 20% or 40% plus PRSI & USC Pensions = Tax free Returns So…
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