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Aviva paid out more than €100m in death benefit claims

Yesterday’s Irish Independent had some 2019 life assurance claim stats from insurer Aviva confirming again that the leading causes of claims continues to be cancer, cardiac and respiratory issues.The average age of female claimants was 49 with breast cancer accounting for 45% of those claims & other cancers representing 31%. 60% of male claims were…
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Irish Life Claims

Irish Life recently released their protection review for 2019 which confirmed that over €6 million (150 claims) was paid out EVERY WEEK in claim payments to their clients. That is almost 8,000 families during 2019 receiving protection at a very difficult time. Interestingly, with over twice as many claims for living benefits, this reports shows…
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What are the consequences if you miss a Premium for your Protection policy?

In these unprecedented times we are all being advised to ‘manage our cashflow’ and cut back on unnecessary expenditure in order to get through this crisis. Some queries we have received in recent weeks relates to the consequences of not paying your monthly life assurance or serious illness premiums. Life insurance companies recognise that these…
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Life assurance companies publish their claim statistics

Its that time of year when life assurance companies publish their claim statistics and here are some interesting details from Zurich Life’s 2019 death & serious illness cover claim statistics. In relation to serious illness claims, heart related illnesses account for 31% of male claims and yet for females, it was only 3%. At Zurich,…
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