Financial Planning & Cashflow Modelling

  • Have you financial goals you want to achieve, and life experiences you want to plan for?
  • Are you too busy with work, family and everyday life to keep on top of your personal finances?
  • Would you like to have a roadmap for your financial future?

Most households are unsure about how far their existing financial planning arrangements will go towards their desired financial objectives and future lifestyles. Therefore, a cashflow model is based on each households’ current incomes and expenditures, assets, investments and debts, projected forward year by year using assumed growth rates, incomes, inflation, and interest rates.

This webinar, Financial Planning with Cashflow Modelling, will show you the benefits of using cashflow modelling to help you visualise how your financial future will look based on your current spending habits. We will use a ‘clients’ pre-populated spending plan and model some common scenarios to show attendees how cashflow modelling enable you to make any required changes to your current and future financial planning.

This interactive webinar is designed to get attendees participation via discussions on various client what if scenarios and we will model some of these scenarios within the webinar.

Some poll results from a recent webinar on Financial Planning & Cashflow Modelling